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Navigate user of the month: March 2020

Helene Goetz, March 2020, Navigate User of the Month, Advising Matters at Virginia Tech.

Helene Goetz

University Studies/Explore Technology

How has your department/unit benefited from using Navigate?
Navigate is essential to how we operate as an office. It’s the platform we use for our advisees, as well as for students we see through Transitional advising to make an appointment. We use the advising summary feature to document our advising chats and meetings and email correspondence with students. We also use it to run reports on special populations (students with 42+ credits toward graduation, for example) and to create advising campaigns for those populations and for Course Request advising. It creates transparency in advising and makes our work pro-active and efficient.

What feature in Navigate do you utilize the most?
The advising summaries without a doubt! I summarize each appointment and when a student has an appointment, I review the summaries prior to the appointment to see what was discussed in the past to plan accordingly.

What would you tell other advisors who are thinking of using Navigate?
Use it! Our Hokies interact with individuals across campus and when our interactions with them are documented, it helps the next person who works with them. The students do not have to tell the same story to each person they meet and it shows them we are a collective unit with their best interests in mind. It puts them more are ease and helps advisors as well.