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Advisor Onboarding

This list is meant to be a guide to assist in the on-boarding process for a new advisor to gain access to different platforms and information on campus.

Add email to Advising Listserv

This would allow the advisor to receive communication from the Undergraduate Advising Office related to advising across campus.

  • Sign into Google Groups.
  • In the box at the top, search for "vt_academic_advisors."
  • Click on the hyperlinked group name, ""
  • Click "Join Group."

Request Banner Document Management (BDM) access

BDM access is required if an advisor needs to view student records beyond their assigned caseload.

  • Complete the form and send to Academic Advising Initiatives via campus mail (MC 0155) to request access. Please note your college BDM Administrator must sign this form as well.
  • BDM/Navigate Guidelines (PDF)

Request Navigate training

Navigate is an online platform which allows advisors to see a quick snapshot of student records, complete advising reports for an appointment, and predictive analytics.

  • Please visit our website to learn about Navigate and request access.

Request Access to Student Records

Access to Student Records is required if an advisor needs to view student records in certain applications, such as HokieSPA or Banner.

  • Complete the form and mail to the University Registrar (MC 0134).

FERPA Training

FERPA training is required of every Virginia Tech faculty, staff, wage, and student employee who has access to student data and must be renewed every two years.

  • Access information related to FERPA and online training module.

Complete the Virginia Tech Academic Advisors Fundamentals-Overview

  • Log into the PageUp LMS
  • Click “My development”  and select “Learning library”
  • In the search bar on the top right search “Virginia Tech Academic Advisor”
  • Click “Virginia Tech Academic Advisors Fundamentals” and select “Learn now”

Participant Guide for Academic Advisor Onboarding (PDF)

Supervisor Guide for Academic Advisor Onboarding (PDF)