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Navigate Feature Spotlight: January 2022

Amber Smith, Navigate Feature Spotlight for January 2022, Advising Matters.

Amber Smith

Associate Director, Student Success Center

In what capacity do you use Navigate’s Advanced Search within your college or department?
We use reports for everything! We track how many students use our services, our rates of attendance as compared with cancellations and no shows, details of who uses our services, and we also look up students based on their characteristics to determine who to contact through our various outreach campaigns.

What is the most useful search or information you have ran and why?
We turn to the Appointments Report most often. In addition to basic information about usage, it provides helpful context for tracking trends, such as student interest in virtual vs. in-person services, individual vs. group services, or even particular subjects. If we see a greater need in a certain subject area, that helps us adjust our staffing. If we see reduced usage, that tells us to adjust our outreach strategies.

What is a reason you would tell others about how you use Advanced Search within Navigate for?
No matter how well you track data, you never know what information you will need down the line. Navigate collects so much information that even when new data needs emerge, we find that we already have access to what we need.