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Student Learning Outcomes

Virginia Tech academic advising wants to ensure that each student is receiving similar advising resources and information. In an effort to provide foundation for advising services, the following student learning outcomes will be assessed:   

A. Student will identify and use available resources.

  • Student is aware of tutoring sessions with the Student Success Center. 
  • Student is aware of tools to search for co-op and internship opportunities consistent with their degree plan. 
  • Student can identify opportunity for on-campus involvement. 
  • Student is able to identify assigned academic advisor and make appointments as needed.  

B. Students will plan and persist in a degree-granting major at Virginia Tech, track their progress within that major, and apply for graduation.

  • Student can access their Degree Audit Report and select courses that will fulfill those requirements. 
  • Student will apply for graduation by the first semester of their junior year.
  • Student can build an academic plan using Hokie GPS (or other applicable tool) that includes general education, major/minor requirements, and co-curricular opportunities. 
  • Student will persist by enrolling in the upcoming semester.  

C. Student will be able to identify academic policies and procedures.   

  • Students will be aware of where to find their college or departmental Satisfactory Progress or Policy 91 statement. 
  • Student will be aware of the W grade policy and how many they are allowed in their academic career at Virginia Tech. 
  • Student can identify what actions take place during registration periods: add, drop, course request. 
  • Student will be aware that 12 credits is considered full-time student status. 
  • Student will be aware of the minimum 2.0 GPA graduation requirement. 
  • Student will be able to locate the course catalog to identify the academic probation and suspension policies.