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Academic Advising Institute, Advising Matters at Virginia Tech

Virginia Tech launched the Academic Advising Academy (AAA) (formerly known as the Academic Advising Institute (AAI) in Fall 2017. It is the very first university-wide academic advisor training program. This program is designed to assist academic advisors at all levels (new and seasoned; professional and faculty) enhance their advising skills, while also encouraging them to recognize the importance of advising concepts, content and relational skills needed within the advising relationship. This experience provides academic advisors with the information, tools, and resources to be able to conduct meaningful and relevant academic advising interactions with students in order to facilitate student success and transition to the university.

The Academic Advising Academy is a semester-long cohort program focusing on various topics related to academic advising. Advisors who participate should expect to learn more about the following topics:

  • Advising Matters
  • General Education
  • Diversity & Inclusion
  • Advising Technology

After completion of AAA, participants will have new, fresh ideas to take back to their department and college to better deliver academic advising services. If you would like to participate in a future offering of the Academic Advising Academy, please contact the Office of Undergraduate Advising.