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Navigate Feature Spotlight: December 2021

Jennifer Carr, Navigate Feature Spotlight for December 2021, Advising Matters.

Jennifer Carr

Education Administrator

In what capacity do you use Navigate’s Advanced Search within your college or department?
Recently I have been using it for three main reasons:

  • To search and add students to a campaign list by way of our major advisors requesting I meet with the student to provide additional assistance regarding resources they might benefit from;
  • Working with students who are encountering academic warning or probation; and
  • For students with a change of major interest who have either contacted me or have been referred to me by their advisor. This is important as we continue to develop a retention plan as well as to meet any concerns or transitional needs a first year student or newcomers to a major in our college might have.

What is the most useful search or information you have ran and why?
I would have to say advisor assignments. Many times I will have students within our majors contact me for course advising or other major advising concerns and when I go to search them via Navigate I find they do not have an advisor listed. Or their old advisor is still listed. I like this feature so that we can identify this at the beginning of each semester to keep students connected and growing that relationship with their advisor. Having an advisor assigned immediately sets such a strong foundation for the students to know they have that support.

What is a reason you would tell others about how you use Advanced Search within Navigate for?
I would recommend it on the basis that it saves so much time by providing combined and detailed information in one place.  It has been very helpful to me in reviewing reports or notes on students as we help to guide them through steps with their notice of academic warning and probation.  I can gather enough data on their Navigate report to begin establishing those steps.