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Navigate Feature Spotlight: October 2021

Meshay Long, Navigate Feature Spotlight for October 2021, Advising Matters.

Meshay Long

Director for Student Opportunity & Achievement Resources

In what capacity do you use Navigate’s Advanced Search within your college or department?
SOAR, or Student Opportunities and Achievement Resources, is a program that provides 1:1 holistic support coaching for all underrepresented (URM) students. At VT, URM students are those who identify as Black, Native, or Hispanic / Latinx. To create Campaigns that target our specific demographics, we create Lists for our assigned college(s). I currently work with three colleges (CAUS, CNRE, and Pamplin) and any URM student who is University Studies/Interdisciplinary. I create new Lists at the start of each campaign, as well as pull new ones to ensure I stay up to date with any major or enrollment changes throughout the semester.

What is the most useful search or information you have ran and why?
As for Searches, aside from searching a student to enter in appointment summaries, review other report notes in preparation for coaching appointments, or make referrals, SOAR staff are sometimes tapped to help with calling campaigns. Often, we are only provided the 906 number and that requires us to search the student for their contact information.

What is a reason you would tell others about how you use Advanced Search within Navigate for?
Overall, Lists and Searches are a simple, yet amazing feature to help streamline work in service of the student and myself.