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Navigate user of the month: January 2021

Jessica Elmore, Navigate User of the Month for January 2021, Advising Matters.

Jessica Elmore, Navigate User of the Month for January 2021, Advising Matters.

Jessica Elmore

Department of Engineering Education

How has your department/unit benefited from using Navigate?
The undergraduate advising team in the Department of Engineering Education has benefited greatly from utilizing the quick search, appointment scheduling, appointment reporting, and campaign tools within Navigate. We appreciate the quick search tool which provides less click intensive access to student data. The appointment scheduling tool is user friendly for students to book appointments, as well as for advisors to enter appointment availability. We use the appointment reporting tool daily, which allows us to enter student email correspondence and summaries of virtual student appointments. These reports document what we recommend, advise, and communicate to our students. Finally, appointment campaigns have allowed us to meet with specific students during a specific time in the academic year to discuss an important matter to their student success. The tracking features of the campaign tool are certainly a plus!

What feature in Navigate do you utilize the most?
The features I use the most are appointment scheduling and appointment reporting. Navigate has the ability to sync to my work calendar which conveniently allows students to see my availability in real time and schedule advising appointments with me. After my advising meetings, I add summaries of my discussions with students using the reporting feature.

What would you tell other advisors who are thinking of using Navigate?
The Navigate platform is a great resource in approving the efficiency and quality of your advising work. Lauren Thomas and her team in Academic Advising Initiatives can make your transition to using Navigate seamless. They give you access to the platform, provide training, share resources on how to use the tool effectively, and answer questions. Academic Advising Initiatives collaborates with the Registrar’s Office on this initiative. Both are truly invested in supporting the advising community in our use of Navigate.