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Navigate user of the month: June 2019

Melissa McPeak, June 2019, Navigate User of the Month, Advising Matters at Virginia Tech.

Melissa McPeak

Department of Physics, College of Science

How has your department/unit benefited from using Navigate?
Our department has benefited from Navigate by using it to document individual advising meetings with students.  The fact that these reports can be seen by other advisors is very beneficial.  By using the reports/notes feature, you have a record of what occurred during a meeting with the student.  Should you need to refer to the information at a later time, it is all documented in the system. 

What feature in Navigate do you utilize the most?

We also use it to target students whose term GPA may be decreasing, so we can begin working with these students before they end up on probation.  What would you tell other advisors who are thinking of using Navigate?
I would tell other advisors who are thinking of using Navigate that it is a very beneficial tool for documenting information about advising meetings with students.  Navigate also contains valuable information about students.  It lets you know if the student has applied for their degree, their cumulative overall institution and in-major GPA, and allows you to view documents through BDM.  I strongly recommend using Navigate on a daily basis as a tool to assist with advising.