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Academic Advisor Mentor Program (AAMP)

What is it?

The Academic Advisor Mentor Program (AAMP) has been created to enhance the professional development of Virginia Tech’s academic advisors. This program strives to create an engaged community of professional academic advisors at Virginia Tech and provide participants with information and resources that can be incorporated into their advising curriculum to meet the needs of their unique student populations. Mentors will guide mentees in developing professional goals and provide tailored support to each of their mentees. This program aims to create an engaged community of professional advisors at Virginia Tech.

Why participate?

Mentorship programs provide an opportunity for individuals to connect with one another and gain valuable skills and knowledge that can enhance your advising practice and career. There are several benefits to participating in this program which include: the opportunity to discuss academic advising and your professional practice with a seasoned advisor through a different lens (outside your department), opportunities to enhance your professional development, and build your professional network by developing relationships with advisors across campus.

Mentee Learning Outcomes

  1. Enhanced knowledge of campus resources, general policies, procedures, and academic advising at Virginia Tech
  2. Enhanced knowledge of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion professional development opportunities as well as organizations and outreach channels at Virginia Tech 
  3. Actively engage with Virginia Tech’s Advising Community (AN & AAI)
  4. Enhanced knowledge of the needs of their advisees and appropriate campus resources to refer 
  5. Develop relationships with advisors across campus

Length of program?

This program is offered every fall semester and runs mid-August through early November. During the program mentees are expected to be active participants and regularly meet and communicate with their mentors.

Mentee Expectations

  • Welcome phone call meeting with mentor
  • Establish 3 goals with mentor
  • Meet with mentor at least 3 times  
  • Respond to your mentor’s communication in a timely manner
  • Ask questions, and be respectful of mentor’s time constraints
  • Let your mentor know if you no longer wish to participate

Meet the Fall 2024 Mentors