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Navigate Feature Spotlight: June 2022

Haley Tucker, Navigate Feature Spotlight for June 2022, Advising Matters.

Haley Tucker

Academic Advisor for School of Neuroscience

In what capacity do you use Navigate lists and searches within your college or department?
Most frequently, I use Navigate lists and searches to organize students that fall into different categories. For example, my most recent lists include students that haven't registered for Fall '22 courses yet, students on academic warning, students on academic probation, and students on academic suspension. Having these lists helps me keep track of these students to implement meaningful interventions  and remember to check in on them at various times during the semester.

What is the most useful search you have ran and why?
The most useful search I have ran was to filter my search using the "support" success indicator in Navigate. This filter helps me locate students that may need additional attention and support so that I can take the initiative to reach out to those students.

What is a reason you would tell others they should use reports within Navigate for?
I would recommend that others use Navigate reports to implement proactive advising by targeting students that may need additional support or students that may benefit from meeting with their advisor more frequently.