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Advisor of the month: August 2022

Gary Whiting

Chemical Engineering

What do you enjoy about your role in advising?
I greatly enjoy helping students find their individual path to success, managing their way through their schooling and graduating to industry or graduate school. Having successful students return after a few years and say "thanks" is one of the most rewarding aspects of the role.

In what ways have you contributed to advising in your department/area?
I believe that, as an advisor and Professor of Practice, I have been able to bring insights from industry that have been very helpful to students as they seek co-ops, internships, and fulltime employment. Students are looking for rapid answers to their questions so I’ve have set up a department specific Canvas Academic and Career Advising site to provide some of those answers. A number of departments have done this and it has been quite beneficial for students.

What advice would you give to other professionals who want to a make a difference in the life of their students?
We have a very talented, dedicated group of advisors and professors at Virginia Tech.  The demands on our professionals’ time are great.  It is important to see each student as an individual and continue to take extra time with them to understand and address their needs.