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Advisor of the month: April 2022

Michael Rosenzweig

Biological Sciences, College of Science

What do you enjoy about your role in advising?
I get to be a Hokie ambassador! What I mean is I am one of first people students interact with when they start at VT. I want students to feel comfortable and happy here. I find it endlessly rewarding helping to transition students into university life, including how to study, think critically, and develop self-confidence.

In what ways have you contributed to advising in your department/area?
I have been serving as a Biological Sciences academic adviser since fall 2011. At that time, I was one of a few instructors asked to “help out” as an academic adviser for one academic year during a department advising transition. As time progressed and I became more comfortable and knowledgeable in my role as an academic adviser, I found it both enjoyable and challenging. Now, nearly 10 years later, I find it one of the rewarding parts of my career.

What advice would you give to other professionals who want to a make a difference in the life of their students?
Academic advising is at the core of student success and each student deserves having equal access to this support and guidance during their college career. While I don’t consider myself an expert and I don’t hesitate to ask questions and advise from those that I do consider experts in professional academic advising, my role as an academic adviser rekindled my interest in student development. Each semester I regularly reach out to all my advisees often separately to 1st year students and continuing students who have differing needs. I enjoy offering opportunities to meet students getting close to graduation as they become keenly aware, excited, and sometimes anxious about the next steps beyond their undergraduate education.