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2021 Award Winners

2021 Alumni Award for Excellence in Undergraduate Academic Advising

Daniel Newcomb
Engineering Education, College of Engineering

“Each advising interaction gives me an opportunity to build positive relationships with my students. To build positive relationships I maintain a student-centered mindset in which I recognize the unique backgrounds and strengths of my students, while practicing appreciative advising to create collaborative caring spaces to help my students maximize their college experience to achieve their goals.”

2021 Provost's Award for Excellence in Advising

Shelton Norwood
Building Construction, College of Architecture and Urban Studies

“A vital key to being a successful academic advisor is making each student feel comfortable and important. I make it a point to get to know each of my students as best as I can. We talk during orientation and regular academic advising appointments. I let them know that I am available any time they need assistance.”

2021 Alumni Award for Excellence in Graduate Academic Advising

Maury Nussbaum
Industrial and Systems Engineering, College of Engineering

“I see my role as a graduate advisor as a very fortunate one, in that I have the opportunity, via education, to help students find and expand their strengths, to identify and overcome their limitations, and to develop and enhance both professionally and personally.”

2021 Award for Excellence in Career Advising

Young-Teck Kim
Sustainable Biomaterials, College of Natural Resources and Environment

"My philosophy as educator and advisor is being a dedicated person to help students design their professional future by a friendly but professional interaction. I have focused on the following fundamental principles: positive mindset, cohesive, continuous progress, and open communication with respect, to make students prepare their future by establishing their professional identities during school life."