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2024 Award Winners

2024 Alumni Award for Excellence in Undergraduate Academic Advising

Christina Minford
College of Science

"Higher Education provides an engaging time in life where students are learning more about who they are and growing into what they want to become personally, professionally, and academically. I strive to be a positive and encouraging advisor and emphasize to my students that college is a supportive environment filled with many dynamic opportunities."

2024 Outstanding New Advisor Award

Kayla Goodwin
College of Liberal Arts and Human Sciences

"Through my undergraduate and graduate research and advocacy work, I learned that collaborating across campus departments is a proven way to amplify success measures. It is not in my nature to stay within the typical boundaries of academia when advocating for students, and collaboration has become a central component of my advising philosophy.”

2024 Alumni Award for Excellence in Graduate Academic Advising

Rana Ashkar
College of Science

"Access to information, training, and opportunities is central to the empowerment of students and young scholars to engage, persevere, and succeed in STEM. Therefore, effective research advising plays a critical role in enhancing students’ skills and confidence, developing their science identity, and identifying personal goals to sustain persistence towards future careers in STEM."

2024 Award for Excellence in Career Advising

Dawn Knight
College of Liberal Arts and Human Sciences

"I consider myself a developmental advisor. I want my students to have choices and maintain their own voice in whatever path they choose. Regardless of the destination, students should not be expected to take the same journey. To that end, I cannot provide meaningful advice without knowing a student’s goals, strengths, and concerns. For me, it is important to advise the whole student and that goes beyond degree requirements and university policies."