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Advising Report Examples

Example 1

Student called to discuss their academic standing. Confirmed for student that they are on academic warning, and explained that they must obtain a 2.0 during the spring semester in order to get back in good standing. Discussed reasons for academic difficulty. Student stated that their mother had surgery during the semester and had to commute from home for several weeks. Student stated that she could not catch up, but that they did not contact professor. Suggested that they keep in close contact with faculty member and advisor if they experience future challenges. Developed academic plan which includes repeating ENGL 1106 in the spring. Provided student information about Financial Aid’s satisfactory academic progress (SAP).

Example 2

Returned student’s call regarding desire to withdraw from math class. Left message and informed student the withdrawal deadline is March 10. Invited in for advising session. Sent follow up email with links to financial aid and academic standing. Suggested student contact me prior to withdrawing to discuss options.

Example 3

Student came in to discuss commencement. Reviewed academic record and informed student that, upon successful completion of current semester’s coursework they will have completed major and degree requirements. Informed student that they have not applied for graduation; provided instructions on how to do so and encouraged the student to apply ASAP. Instructed student to let me know when their last grade is posted so that I can expedite degree conferral with the Registrar.