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Course Equivalencies

Course evaluations are completed after students have paid their matriculation fee.  Watching the “Transfer and Other Additional Credit” screen located under the “Grades Menu” within HokieSpa will help to keep you up-to-date on how courses have transferred to VT.  If there is any additional supporting documentation needed to complete your course evaluations, this will be stated there as well.

Virginia Community College System (VCCS)

If you have attended a VCCS school and would like to know how your courses will transfer to VT, this is the place to do that!
Your VCCS course credit will be awarded based on which academic term you completed the course at the VCCS school.  Previous VCCS guides are listed at the bottom of the course equivalencies page linked above.

Just be sure you check the “comments” column if there are any special comments or notes about the transfer of a particular course.

Transfer Equivalency Database

If you have attended a 2 year school outside of the VCCS or another 4 year school, this would be the database you would use to search for transfer course information.  If the school is outside of Virginia, you will first want to change the state to give you an accurate list of schools to choose from.  If you do not see a particular school listed, this means we have not previously evaluated courses from this school.  Watch your Hokie Spa transfer credit screen for information on having the course reviewed.

Advanced Standing and Transferable Credit

If you took AP exams in high schools, earned an International Baccalaureate (IB) high school diploma, and/or have completed CLEP exams this would be where you would search for transfer credit equivalency information.