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Advising 101

Because advising is a critical part of success at Virginia Tech, every student is assigned an academic advisor. The relationship between you and your advisor is one of shared responsibility. Though you are ultimately responsible for the choices you make in college, in order to make informed decisions you need the mentoring and advice of academic advisors and others in the University community. Your advisor is your primary resource regarding academic issues, opportunities, and programs.

Regular meetings with your advisor are important. You should maintain contact with your advisor throughout your academic career at Virginia Tech. These contacts should take place a minimum of one time each semester. Meeting with your advisor can occur through face-to-face meetings, phone or email contacts and/or by attending group advising sessions. Visit your departmental or college website to learn more about your major's advising process.

You can find out who your advisor is in Hokie Spa by visiting “General Academic Information.” Once you have identified your advisor, you can search for them on the Virginia Tech homepage to find their contact information. If you are unable to locate your academic advisor's information, please email

You will meet with your academic advisor approximately 3 times during your first semester:

  1. Within the first three weeks, touch base with your advisor to be sure your transition is going well.
  2. Mid-semester, discuss planning for upcoming semester courses.
  3. Before final exams, check in with your advisor to finalize your current and upcoming semester plans.