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Term Course Course satisfy general education requirements? General education requirement(s) this course will satisfy Course Description Course Contact
Winter 2022 AHRM 2404: Consumer Rights
Yes Pathway 3 Reasoning in the Social Sciences, CLE Area 3 Society and Human Behavior Consumer Rights covers the role of consumers in society and in national and international markets. Topics include consumer rights, responsibilities, policies, regulations and redress; consumer decision making and planned buying; and current consumer issues such as product safety, food, health care, housing, environmental impact, banking, credit and insurance from an intercultural perspective. Patti Fisher
Winter 2022 CONS 3504: Resource Management for Individuals and Families
No Not Applicable Introduction to resource management concepts and theories with application to personal and family life goals. Discussion of values, goals, decision making, planning, and communication in relation to the management process. Topics include how to apply the management process to the use of resources, time, finances, stress, and the environment. Patti Fisher
Winter 2022 EDCI 2414: Design Based Biotechnical Learning
Yes Pathway 4 Reasoning in the Natural Sciences, Pathway 6d Critique and Practice in Design EDCI 2414 is a unique presentation and use of technological/engineering design based biotechnical learning (T/E DBBL) to explore the integration of STEM (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics) content knowledge and practices. This course promotes learning through the design, construction, and testing of working biotechnical prototype systems. The purpose is to engage learners in a minds-on, hands-on experience that demonstrates authentic disciplinary connections among STEM content and practice knowledge naturally imposed by the design and construction of working biotechnical prototypes. The context for each biotechnical design challenge will address an authentic environmental human need that places an emphasis on ethical decision-making based on the technological solutions designed appropriately for local and/or global communities. John Wells
Summer 2022 EDEP 2444: Motivating Yourself and Others
Yes Pathway 3 Reasoning in the Social Sciences, CLE Area 3 Society and Human Behavior This course is offered in Winter and Summer Sessions. What motivates people? How can you use the answer to this question to motivate yourself and others? The goal of this course is to help you answer these questions. Being aware of the factors that motivate people can help you adjust your own behavior to perform more effectively, both as a university student and in your life after you graduate from college. In addition, understanding motivational factors can help you to interact more effectively with individuals in different cultural contexts and from different backgrounds. In this course, you will use your knowledge of motivation to design activities (such as meetings, classes, programs, events) that motivate others effectively. In this course, you will learn about how researchers in education, psychology, and neuroscience study motivation and what they have learned from their research. This course can be useful to students in any major, especially those interested education, psychology, neuroscience, leadership, and business. Brett Jones