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Shelton Norwood

College: College of Engineering
Years as an academic advisor:
Why did you choose to be an academic advisor?
Because my own academic advisor in college was kind, invested, and empathetic to her students, I developed my own passion for higher education and the desire to help others.
What do you wish students knew about academic advisors?
Academic advisors want what is in the best interest of each student. We want students to succeed academically, professionally, as well as personally.
What is one of your favorite parts of your role as an advisor?
Building lasting relationships with my advisees is the highlight of my profession. Having the opportunity to watch a student grow throughout their college tenure towards graduation is a sense of accomplishment in that you, the advisor, played a significant role in that journey.
What is one piece of advice you would offer to a brand new advisor?
I always tell new advisors to be kind and patient. This profession is demanding and goes far beyond the scope of simply telling a student which classes to take. Students appreciate being heard and mutual respect is essential. Build a relationship and develop trust.