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Sarah Deisher

College: College of Engineering
Years as an academic advisor:
Why did you choose to be an academic advisor?
I like helping students navigate thru their education, I didn't have that same help, likely why I had so much difficulty.
What do you wish students knew about academic advisors?
That we should be your #1 stop for all things related to being a student. we are first and foremost student advocates, many of us have been advising for years and have so many contacts and resources for all things student related.
What is one of your favorite parts of your role as an advisor?
Watching them succeed when they doubted themselves. Graduation is my favorite time of year!
What is one piece of advice you would offer to a brand new advisor?
Make a point to know and see your advisor, the more often you see them, the better off you will be. Advisors can help with courses, career paths, educational paths, research paths, etc.