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Charlotte Parks

College: College of Science
Years as an academic advisor:
Why did you choose to be an academic advisor?
I love working with the student population and helping them through this very exciting time in their lives. It is inspiring and exciting!
What do you wish students knew about academic advisors?
The more that we are able to learn about you, the more that we can help you! We can get in touch when we hear about opportunities that line up with your interests, write recommendation letters, and share in the excitement of your successes!
What is one of your favorite parts of your role as an advisor?
This seems so obvious...the students! I love having the opportunity to work with our amazing students.
What is one piece of advice you would offer to a brand new advisor?
Listen! It is amazing to learn about our students and hear their stories...not just their academic and career interests, but also things like their cultural background, what they are passionate about, and what makes them tick!